Our reality is filling with waste. The average amount of time we afford something, until we deem it unnecessary, is continually decreasing. The insatiable appetite of consumers is steadily fed by novelty products, which immediately devalue their predecessors. This accumulation of matter paradoxically robs matter of its own worth.
This leads us to a place of concepts without borders — where the idea of “usefulness” is blurred. Where we are able to reuse nearly all raw material and events, and we can filter out the noise of information surrounding us, so that upon return, it is the source of measurable information.
The experience of this process changes us – we try to use what we have already lost, and give new value to that which is no longer needed. We make use of waste to create new things and elicit new feelings – we are a culture of waste. Waste which obviously does not disappear, when you simply “toss” it. It waits somewhere, beneath a thin later of relevance, and it returns to the surface.